Monday, February 21, 2011

Endangered Status?

Gary Kueber started looking forward by looking back, and in the process he created a blog that is staggering in its depth. When he started Endangered Durham in 2005, it was an intellectual pursuit - Kueber is a physician by training, but now non-practicing, he is CEO at Scientific Properties - because he was interested in history and architecture. 

Well, the blog sort of took on a life of its own.

Some 1100 exhausting posts later, Kueber is still at it, and he's showing no signs of letting up. However, he's making some changes to improve the site and those changes cost money. He's looking to fans, and those who use his site, for their support. These changes, think better search capability, integrated mapping, a mobile app, and multiple formats of information views, usher in the next phase of his blog known as Open Durham. There are opportunities for fans to offer their support on the site.

For lovers of Durham (there are enough to warrant a mass wedding coming on March 19th), supporting the site is something of a foregone conclusion. Durham is a place that prides itself equally on where it came from, where it is, and where it is headed. The success of Kueber's blog is an empirical example thereof.

Another trait of Durham (and those that live here) is philanthropism. When all the changes are made and all the heavy lifting is done, when citizens have shared their information and images of Durham's past, then Kueber will make the platform available to others who want to do the same with the places they love. He'll just give it to them for free, simple as that, so that the history of their beloved places won't be endangered. 

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