Thursday, February 10, 2011

Durham is Cool, Calm, and Collected

Really. Whatever it is that's making people so worked up just isn't that least not in Durham. In a recent survey by Men's Health magazine, Durham came in as the 21st least angry city on the national list of 100 reviewed, besting all others in North Carolina.

As is often the case, the listing is pretty lightweight research and is really most likely a ranking of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, not cities. The list refers to Durham, but is probably making reference to the Durham, NC MSA which is comprised of Chatham, Durham, Orange and Person counties.

So, what does this really say about Durham? Well, a lot actually - especially if you look at what Men's Health did. They ranked places by incidences of aggravated assault (FBI data), the number of people with high blood pressure (CDC data), the amount of time spent in traffic during rush hour (Texas Transportation Institute data) and the number of anger management specialists per capita (American Psychological Association data). So, in other words, Durham is safe, healthy, and has manageable traffic.

See? Durham really is where great things happen. Now relax, will ya?

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