Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Putting the "Do" in Doom

Three years ago volunteers organized a beginner’s triathlon in Durham designed for “nontraditional athletes” (translate – couch potatoes and fathletes). The event was summed up this way: “If you think you have a shot at winning this race then this race is not for you.”

The event, The Grueling Triathlon of Doom, will be held on April 17 at 8:30 am, and is a five lap swim, five mile bike, and 1 mile walk. The route for the event will be announced this spring; however registration closes February 28, so visit the website and register now to take part in one of Durham's unique events.

Known for its great food, great historic sites, great art museums, and great sports, among other great things, Durham is perhaps a little less well known is its penchant for quirky festivals, not surprising in a community known for its genuine, engaged, and unpretentious citizens who are proud of the community in which they live.

Consider just a handful of these “lesser-known” festivals held in Durham each year: Harley Davidson Bike Show and Chili Contest (now that’s a hot combination!); Backyard Beer Festival (Durhamites have become quite the beer connoisseurs); Holy Ghost Weenie Roast (‘nuf said!); and the wildly popular Beaver Queen Pageant.

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