Thursday, February 24, 2011

Durham NC Deals

There are many websites with area deals posted on them, but there is one in particular that focuses exclusively on Durham. is run by the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau as a service to visitors and stakeholders alike. It is totally free for everyone to use.

"The site has gained some traction with lodging properties since its launch, but we're looking for more engagement in the food service and retail sectors, too," said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications for DCVB. Posting deals to the site is fairly easy as is described in this tutorial, and according to Poley, emails requesting help are returned in minutes during normal business hours. "It's so simple to post deals here," he added.
There are deals offered every day all around town, and the goal of this site is to create a consolidation point for them to make them easier to search and access. Site traffic has been lackluster according to Poley, but DCVB aims to change that, he says. "We are hoping to create a little societal back pressure with this push. We'd like for the public to be asking for deals to be posted every time they go into their favorite places."

He even suggests that people may want to print this article and tutorial and give it to proprietors of their favorite establishments. "Operating a small business is a juggling and balancing act all in one," Poley, a former small business owner, says. "There are not enough hours in a day to get to everything and filter through all the input and opportunities that are out there. Sometimes it takes a customer telling you to look at something to make it break through the clutter."

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