Friday, May 25, 2012

A Berry Good Time for Durham Farmers' Market

This week at Durham Farmers' Market there are even more berries to choose from - red raspberries, loganberries and dewberries! All three are closely related in the Rubus genus, yet all are a little bit different. Red Raspberries, besides being delicious, are high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants.  Loganberries look similar to Raspberries in color, however their shape more closely resembles that of a blackberry. Raspberries have a hollow center while loganberries and blackberries do not.  Loganberries are a raspberry and blackberry hybrid.

Dewberries are very similar to a blackberry. They have the same purple/black color but the dewberry fruit are slightly smaller than a blackberry. They are, in fact,  a type of wild blackberry. While it may be difficult to telling the difference in flavors, farmers say the berries grow a little differently than a standard blackberry bush. Now that red raspberries, loganberries and dewberries are back at Market, it won't be too long before we start to see blackberries and black raspberries. Snozzberries start later in the season.

For those planning to grill this Memorial Day Weekend, the Market's farmers will have an abundant supply of grill-able meats and vegetables. Look for lots of sausages - from spicy to mild, steaks, roasts, and more. There will be lots of pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free beef, pork, bison, lamb, goat and chicken for your grilling pleasure. In the vegetable department shoppers will find lots of squash and zucchini, shiitakes, peaches, tomatoes, onions and the last few bunches of asparagus - all are great on the grill.

Chef in the Market: Chef Andres Macias from  Tonali Restaurant! Chef Andres will join the Market for his first Chef in the Market demo! Chef Andres Macias will be preparing corn tortillas served with cactus paddle salad, crumbled Elodie Farms queso blanco and fresh salsa. Begins at 10am on the Central lawn.

Vegetables: Green beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Asparagus, Asian Greens (Pac Choi, Tatsoi, Mizuna),  Arugula, Beets, Broccoli, Broccoli Raab, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Chinese Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Collards, Cucumbers, Daikon Radishes, Dandelion Greens, Escarole, Fava Beans, Fennel, Frisee, Fresh Herbs (Cilantro, Mint, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley) Green Onions, Green Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Gourds, Mustard Greens, Kale, Lettuce, Leeks, New Potatoes, Onions, Pea Shoots, Peas, Radicchio, Rhubarb, Radishes, Rutabega, Salad Mix, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas, Swiss Chard, Summer Squash Greenhouse Grown Tomatoes, Turnips, Turnip Greens, Zucchini
Fruits:  Red Raspberries, Logan Berries, Dewberries, Blueberries, last few Strawberries, and peaches
Meats and Eggs: Beef, Bison, Cornish Game Hens, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon, Lamb, Pork, Duck Eggs & Chicken Eggs
Cheeses: Fresh and aged cow and goats milk cheeses.
Flowers and Plants:  Calla Lilys, Asiatic Lilies, Peonies,  Dutch Iris, Snapdragons, Larkspur, Batchelor's Buttons, Mixed Bouquets, Vegetable & Herb Seedlings, Landscaping Plants, House Plants
Specialty items: Honey, Pecans,  Flour, Cornmeal, Grits, Baked Goods including Pies, Breads, Cookies, Pastries, Gluten Free Items, etc; Pasta, Beer, Wine, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Preserves, Wool
Crafts: Pottery, Jewelry, Stained Glass Art, Handmade Baskets, Gourd Birdhouses, Woodwork, Photographs, Hand-dyed Clothing and other items, Handmade Clothing, Soaps, Yarn, Roving, and much more...

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