Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Mobile Vendors Sign On for May 8th Gathering

Being out of bed at 4:30 in the morning is something of an affront to most.  It's still dark out here in Durham, NC at that hour, no matter the time of year.  But out of bed many will be, and out of the house interacting and transacting business - and doing it live on TV.

Well, they might wind up on TV - there will be plenty of TV cameras around for the broadcast of NBC-17's Today Show which begins live on the CCB Plaza at the aforementioned 4:30 AM.

"This is an opportunity for Durham to show off its pride to a massive amount of people," said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, referring to the 23 county area to which the broadcast will go.

Durham has enjoyed a steady influx of new businesses, residents and visitors for the past several years.  "We're hoping folks in Durham will come down to the plaza to help us make some noise and get viewers excited about visiting Durham," Poley added.

In an effort to help motivate people to show their support, the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau is working to muster support from stakeholders in Durham, too.  So far, Only Burger has signed on to be there, as has Pie Pushers.  The two are favorites on the mobile food scene in Durham, which has a nationally recognized mobile food community and over 40 trucks in operation there, and an internationally known restaurant and chef spot.

Blue Coffee, a shop across the street from the CCB Plaza, will also be open selling coffee until their normal operating hours begin at 6:30, at which time their full menu will be available.

In addition, a new offering by an old favorite in Durham will be debuted.  "It's really just a test to see if people like it," said Durham Catering Company owner Tom Ferguson of his new biscuits and donuts.  He's looking to get real estate in Downtown Durham for Rise Biscuits and Donuts.  Details will be forthcoming about the operation on their Facebook page.  Ferguson, who started Only Burger with another partner before selling to the current owner, will be serving off the Only Burger truck.

Beyond ensuring that the crowd that does show up can get great food, a few other enticements are apparently in the works, according to Poley.  "We'll be giving a few things away at points during the morning," he said. "We've also got a few things we're working on that will make this a truly memorable event for those that show." He would not provide further detail.

Those interested can arrive on the CCB Plaza starting at 4 AM.  Crews will be on site beginning at midnight.

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