Friday, May 25, 2012

Durham's Self-Image

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A few weeks ago, DCVB released some information from its Annual Image Survey, specifically how Durham's image has improved in the minds of residents of Wake and Orange Counties.

But you may wonder what Durham's image is in the minds of its own residents.

Durham residents have always been overwhelmingly pleased and proud of their community, but the results this year are at an all-time high. Just over 90% of residents in a scientific public opinion poll stated the were pleased with Durham as a place to live.  

The ratio between those who are pleased that those who are not pleased is 12 to 1.

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Looking at resident pride in Durham, 92.6% of Durham residents are proud of Durham and only 4.1% of residents are not proud of Durham.

This is another historic high, but resident pride has been high since the inception of this survey in 1993 when 71% of residents said they were proud of Durham compared to 12% who weren't proud.  

The ratio between residents who are proud of Durham and those who are not proud is a whopping 22 to 1.

This suggests that pride in community is not tied to any specific event or building.  In fact, pride is one of the distinct brand attributes that Durhamites have.

In the next image article, DCVB will highlight the areas that residents would like to see improved.

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