Friday, May 11, 2012

Burger Ink?

Lovers of food, art and creativity find a ready home in Durham.  It is a community packed with people seeking, and finding, a life rich with intent and authenticity.  Those values are expressed in a host of ways, the latest being a real testament to what it means to be a fan of something.

Bull City Burger and Brewery came on the Durham scene last year with a bang.  Quickly amassing a large following of loyal customers and social media users, the restaurant's owner and culinary director, Seth Gross, has been tireless in his pursuit of interesting and creative ways to get people involved with his restaurant.  Now he thinks, to play on a familiar phrase, the truly loyal should put his money where their bodies are.

Bull City Burger and Brewery has teamed up with Durham’s Dogstar Tattoo Company and Kathryn Moore to provide three options of approved original tattoo art work. Moore created three tattoos just for BCBB and the restaurant's most loyal customers. Gross thinks that a permanent work of art deserves a real deal. "This may be the first tattoo that pays for itself," he said.

The deal is rather simple.  Those who get an approved permanent tattoo anywhere on their body (subject to verification) will get a twenty-six percent discount on food for life - the law precludes the inclusion of alcohol in the discount. Those interested in getting a tattoo other than the ones created by Moore are welcome to submit art ideas using BCBB's logo and name. "If we approve your tattoo idea, after you get inked you can come in to show off your new “tat” and you earn 26% off for life," Gross said.  Complete information about this program can be found on the website created for the program.

Bull City Burger is a restaurant and brewery that embodies the farm-to-fork philosophy. “If it’son the menu at Bull City Burger and Brewery, we most likely have made it from scratch or bought it locally,” said Gross. “We grind the beef daily, make the buns, make the mustard, the mayo, make the bacon, pickle the pickles and " he added. Gross works with local farmers to source as much of the produce as possible for the restaurant.

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  1. Lame. So BCBB gets free advertising for life and the customer gets a measly 26% off which does not even include beer? Whatever.