Friday, May 11, 2012

Culture Communication Evolving With Technology

Travelers who do so for the purpose of experiencing culture are a big market for Durham.  With so many museums, working artists and galleries, theaters and festivals of all types, Durham really is where great culture happens and an obvious destination for people interested in that subject.  In fact, North Carolina is overall. 

Areas endowed with a wealth of cultural offerings often suffocate under the load of opportunities and how to communicate them.  Many years ago, DCVB took the proactive step of creating a database driven calendar.  For years, that has stood alone, but now DCVB, in partnership with the EverWondr Network and Durham Arts Council are teaming up to bring Durham’s cultural opportunities to visitors as part of a statewide network  sites 

“At this point, is a way for the culture segment to present information to people looking to learn more about cultural offerings,” said Shelly Green, DCVB President and CEO. “The new site is intuitive, user friendly and is a big step forward in cultural visitation marketing,” she added.

Run by DCVB,, houses one of the most comprehensive collections of information about cultural offerings in Durham.  While complete, the site was limited in capability.  Now with the  improvements in technology powering the site it offers users much more than just information.  While the web address won’t change, site visitors have access to an artist’s marketplace, special offers, map/location search, videos, reviews and more.

DCVB is making this move in an effort to make information gathering easier for potential visitors.  The process by which stakeholders in the community enter data will change a bit, but mostly those changes are cosmetic.  They will still use the My Durham Info portal they have always used, but the appearance of the forms will change and some of the options will allow more information to be shared.  Seminars to demonstrate this portal and its additional capabilities will be held at DCVB on May 24 at 2PM and 6 PM to demonstrate the new interface.  Those desiring to attend should email Carolyn Carney at

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