Tuesday, March 26, 2013

April 13 Robot Rumble to Occur at Museum of Life and Science

Soon, the machines will overtake Durham. But in the end, that might not be such a bad thing.

In honor of National Robotics Week April 6-14, robots will take center stage at the Museum of Life and Science, Durham on Saturday April 13, 2013 from 10am-4pm when expert and amateur robotics specialists feature this fascinating branch of artificial intelligence—robotics—the intersection of computer science and engineering that creates devices that can move and react to sensory input. All Robot Rumble events and activities are free with Museum admission.

Now in its fifth year, Robot Rumble will feature experts, students and enthusiasts demonstrating a multitude of robotics designs and functions including Bot Hockey, Combat Robots, Underwater Robots, LEGO  Robotics and others. Throughout the Museum, guests will enter arenas and view or test out a multitude of robotics activities including hands-on robot demonstrations, a vintage robot display, LEGO Sumo Competition, exhibitions that explore solar robots as well as underwater robotics at the Museum’s Sailboat Pond.

“The Museum is excited to showcase this growing branch of artificial intelligence to inspire students and enthusiasts of all ages to pursue careers or a love in robotics and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields,” said Nancy Dragotta Muhl, Robot Rumble Event Coordinator.                      

The Battle Dome will feature robot arenas and obstacle courses including a nostalgic ‘blast from the past’ in ‘Rock Em Sock Em Robots’ competitions where visitors can fight it out in the combat ring.  For non-fighting guests, a unique display of robot claws and arms will accompany a sentimental display of vintage toy and tactical robots from the late Professor Frank Cheney.

Triangle Sumo takes center stage for its LEGO Sumo competition with over 90 students competing through the day with LEGO bots and hands-on demonstrations. www.roboknights.net/trianglesumobots

IBM will be in the house with LEGO tournaments featuring the LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits that program the LEGO base bot to navigate an obstacle course. Additional workshops for younger guests include building a computer-controlled animal using LEGO WeDo robotics kits.

Carolina Combat Robots are back in action showcasing hands-on Bot Hockey play—small-scale battle bots with bug robots featuring teams of remote- controlled robots competing to score goals using street hockey pucks.

First Robotics, VEX Robotic and First LEGO League student-based enthusiasts will highlight their large-scale interactive bots demonstrating their latest in robotic design and competitive edge.  Interactive and large-scale, these bots also include FTC Robotics showcasing student-designed sports model robotics competing head to head against other teams.

First-time exhibitors SeaPerch will amaze guests with their naval and submarine-style remotely operated robotics that encourages students to explore marine and ocean engineering principles outdoors at the Museum’s beautiful Sailboat Pond.

Robot Rumble Saturday April 13 Exhibitors List*
  • NC FIRST Robotics High School Competition Teams, VEX and FIRST LEGO League including Orange HS 587 Hedgehogs and Efland Cheeks Robotics (multiple teams doing demos)
  • Triangle Amateur Robotics – individual member robotic demos
  • IBM – Lego and dancing robots
  • Carolina Combat Robots “Bot” Hockey  
  • Hands On Robotic Demos: Sumo and Combat Arenas with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots 
  • “Visions of the Future from the Past” vintage toy and tactical robots from the collection of late Professor Frank Cheney
  • SeaPerch – marine and naval underwater robotics
*Exhibitor participation subject to change.

All Robot Rumble activities and event are free with Museum admission; Museum guests can visit the lobby for free registration and sign up opportunities.

Robot Rumble is a proud feature event of the NC Science Festival with special thanks to Time Warner Cable/Connect A Million Minds STEM education support 

For more information on activities and things to do in Durham, visit online.


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