Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get Your Hands Full Of Bull

Durham's Bull City Burger and Brewery is at it again. From the same folks with a penchant for all things Willie Wonka, a commitment to making in-house darned near everything they serve, a logo tattoo program that gets the tattooed customer 26% off for life, and a slightly sadistic streak as evidenced by their torturous clues in their Golden Bull scavenger hunts, comes a new and quirky way to be involved.

In this case, take involved in its literal meaning...people have to actually have their hand on Major, the large bronze bull sculpture on CCB Plaza on Corcoran Street in Downtown Durham to participate.

All the details are on the BCBB website, and they are very - very - specific.  Some of them border on TMI, but sometimes specificity is best.  Reading them is likely to produce a chuckle or two, and perhaps even a nervous laugh.

In short, the last of the 30 participants who agree to the terms laid out in the contest rules and keep one hand on Major the longest will win the last of the Golden Bulls.  That prize gets the winner a free burger, dirty fries and non-alcoholic beverage each week for a year.

This contest begins at 8 AM on Saturday, March 30.  Seth Gross, the owner of BCBB, is limiting the duration to 11 PM.  In the event that more than one person makes it, there will be a tie breaker event to be determined at a later date.

Participants should also dress up (family appropriate only - reading those aforementioned rules is a really good idea), because the most "outlandish, yet tasteful" costume as voted by the crowd will receive a bonus potty break (again, read the rules).  Participants are encouraged to get sponsors for charitable donations to support a cause, and have a crowd to cheer them on.  Donation dollars equal votes in the costume contest, so those with small bladders should rally a big crowd.

The folks at Monuts Donuts are providing breakfast to participants, BCBB is providing lunch, and participants can bring their own food if they like, but it all has to be consumable with one hand - no help is permitted.

There are always fun a quirky things happening in Durham.  Stay up to speed on all events here in town with the Durham Event Calendar.

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