Friday, March 15, 2013

Renew Your Vows at 2nd Anniversary of Marry Durham

Good marriages take work, but that work is so much more worth it when an anniversary is reached. Even when the marriage is between a person - and a place.

The good news is that Durham is a great spouse - A+ material.  It's got a good vibe, solid track record, excels in being engaged and present, dependable, and most of all, loving.

Rattling off a better list of attributes for one's betrothed would be challenging. The work of this marriage is totally worth it for many who live in Durham. "I love Durham, its creativity, open-mindedness and its sense of activism," said Shelly Green who heads Durham's tourism marketing agency.

This crazy idea that people would be willing to marry the place they love caught a lot of attention both locally and around the country.  But that's the thing about Durham, it can always be counted on for being progressive and keeping things interesting.

That welcoming nature in this diverse place is a great reason to come down to the anniversary celebration on Saturday, March 23rd.  Starting at 2 PM on Rigsbee Street, where this whole crazy thing started in 2010, will be a street party worth attending.  Break out the tux, the gown, get a wedding party together and join in the celebration.  There will be food trucks, a raffle, a parade, and more. "This is sure to be another great and unique Durham celebration," Green added.

Read more about the original celebration here and here, and about the first anniversary here, and follow this on Facebook for updates.

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