Friday, March 8, 2013

This Week at the South Durham Farmers' Market

This Week's Highlights:
  • Making Durham More Friendly to Farmers
  • Lifting the Veil
  • Spring Harvest Dinner!
  • At Market this Week
Market Hours/Information
Winter hours:  Our hours are now 10AM-1PM Rain or Shine (December-March)! Greenwood Commons at 5410 NC Hwy 55, Durham, NC 27713

Making Durham More Friendly to Farmers 

A year ago, we were worried that the South Durham Farmers’ Market couldn’t happen.

 After months of work by a volunteer group of farmers and community members - and less than a month before opening day - we received word that the original market location we had chosen was off limits due to very restrictive zoning issues within the Durham City and County limits. Eventually, the crisis was solved through a large amount of hard work and dedication by both the South Durham Farmers’ Market Board of Directors and the Durham Planning Department and the market was able to open a few weeks after the original planned date.

During and after “the crisis,” we received a lot of feedback (good and bad) from community members around the new market location. Our response has always been that SDFM cannot even consider additional options (for better or worse) until the current zoning regulations are changed. And now we have a chance to make that happen, but we need your help. Read more...

Lifting the Veil
This week I’ll take you to Bull City Farm in Rougemont. When you hear the word farm or farmers what do you think of? Maybe it’s a quaint little house on top of a rolling hillside with a few cows peacefully munching on grass or an elderly man with dusty lapels smiling at you from atop his old red tractor. However, real life rarely agrees with the standards we set in our minds. We have a pre-conceived notion of what a location or object should or should not be. People rarely have the opportunity to witness the location or object in its true light. Over the next season I will be visiting the farmers who make the South Durham’s Farmers Market happen and sharing it with you in this column. By visiting and writing about these farms I hope to open your eyes, as customers of the South Durham’s Farmers Market, to the depth of variety displayed at our Market. (read more!)

Spring Harvest Dinner!
THE Local Foods Event of the season, our first ever Spring Harvest Dinner will be at Pop's Backdoor  on Sunday, April 14th at 6pm! Menu sourced from our producers and farmers that you see each week (including some VERY exciting new ones we will announce soon). Buy tickets NOW and find more information here! You can also save $3 in processing fees and buy your ticket at market on Saturdays (just find Ben, market manager with a red beard).

Maia Wirth of Open Arts in Morrisville will be conducting nature-themed crafts, storytelling and more! 10-11:30am.

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