Thursday, April 4, 2013

Durham Offers Small Business Marketing & Promotion Seminar April 18

Durham is proud of its small businesses and it tries to help small business-owners in whatever way it can.

That's why the City of Durham Equal Opportunity and Equity Assurance Department is offering a free small business marketing & promotion seminar April 18, titled, “Marketing and Promotion for Small Businesses in the Age of New Technology” Thursday, April 18, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 101 City Hall Plaza, 1st Floor Durham, NC 27701.

This seminar will introduce basic techniques for marketing and promoting small businesses and their products and services as well as share cost-efficient marketing tips. The seminar will also include the use of technology tools to enhance advertising and marketing efforts.

The seminar will be conducted by Tivi Jones of Tivi Jones Media, a marketing and media development agency that has worked with many brands, companies and entities such as Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Boeing, United States Department of Defense, and Elle Magazine.This seminar is open to all small business owners and entrepreneurs from Durham as well as surrounding communities.

This workshop series was developed by the City’s Equal Opportunity and Equity Assurance Department to provide technical assistance services to local, small businesses for this fiscal year.

Participants are asked to pre-register by clicking here or by contacting Senior Equal Opportunity/Equity Assurance Specialist Vincent Wingate by email at or by calling (919) 560-4180, extension 17241. For more information on the Workshop Series for Small Businesses, click here.

About the Equal Opportunity and Equity Assurance Department
The City of Durham’s Equal Opportunity and Equity Assurance Department is responsible for the implementation of the City's Equal Business Opportunity Program. Responsibilities include implementation of race and gender neutral measures to facilitate the participation of Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (SDBE) in City contracting activity, recruitment, certification, and maintenance of SDBE data bank, business development, City project compliance, monitoring, and reporting. Guided by the City’s Strategic Plan, the department ensures that its services support making Durham a great place to live, work, and play by focusing on a strong and diverse economy, assuring that City efforts are well managed, and supporting the stewardship of the City’s physical assets. To learn more, click here.

It's easy to patronize small businesses in Durham. Click here for more.


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