Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Txakolifest Coming Up on June 1st, Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

It's a tongue-twister of a name for many, but saying it five times fast does not net one a prize.  Going to the event is a prize enough.

Pronounced Chok-Oh-Lee-Fest, TxakoliFest is a celebration of wine and food from the Basque region of North-Central Spain and Southwest France.  Durham wine bar Six Plates is gearing up for their annual celebration of the wine and food from this region.  Hosted in two sessions, the event is a quick sell out. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, May 1st, at Six Plates and Durham wine retailer Wine Authorities.  The event is on June 1st and will be hosted in two distinct sessions.

From 1 to 4 PM is a fundraiser for Housing for New Hope or the general admission session. Housing for New Hope prevents and ends homelessness by providing increased access to health care, integrated services, and housing. There are 150 tickets for $75 in advance for this portion of the festival. An additional 50 tickets may available the week of the event due to weather and space constraints. Involved in this fundraiser will be the food and tasting portions of TxakoliFest, as well as entertainment, with all of the proceeds going to Housing for New Hope.  Six Plates’ John Eisensmith will be joined by Billy Cotter of Toast, Charlie Deal of Dos Perros, Tim Lyons of Blu Seafood, Matt Kelly of Bar Mateo, Chris Stinnett of Pop’s, Amy Tournquist of Watts Grocery, and Todd Whitney of Vin Rouge. There will be at least seven different txakolis poured to taste by the glass, and a souvenir glass for each guest.

There will be 125 tickets for the 4 PM to midnight session which guarantees admission and a souvenir glass. These tickets are $15. There will be live music, as well as food and wine for sale (there is no food or drink included in the general admission price).

The wines are white or slightly pink, a little tart, and commonly a little effervescent.  The cuisine of this region tends to seafood and seasonal produce - two things with which the wine pairs perfectly. The menu created to go with them is typically a study in classic dishes that showcase the wines.

The scene is always convivial and celebratory.  There are typically some porons being passed about for those experienced in drinking from this traditional vessel.

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