Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wine of the Times?

Durham is no stranger to great media coverage as it quietly becomes the worst-kept-secret for food and wine lovers in the US.  Thanks to publications like the New York Times, readers around the world continue to have their dietary resolve ruined by articles extolling the culinary virtues, and dining options, to be had in this bucolic juxtaposition of city and country scenery and corresponding lifestyles.

In other words, Durham, NC is a great place to eat and drink - even when compared to places around the world - and everyone is starting to become keenly aware of that fact.

Great food and a great food culture are natural pairings for great wine, and that is exactly what  reporter and noted wine book author Eric Asimov found here as he researched an article for The Pour in yesterday's edition of the New York Times.

The article notes many things that folks on the ground already know about Durham.  It's an easy going place with no pretension, and it is one that grants wide latitude to visitors and residents alike to be themselves and do what they like.  In Durham, all who want to be are welcomed - even those who prefer to drink red wine with *gasp* fish!

Read about other recent New York Times coverage of Durham here, and about all of the great dining and drinking options in Durham online.

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