Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Easy Being Tasty

Hungry?  Like most people that depends on how good the food is.  Sure, we all need to eat, but we get hungry when we know the kitchen is cranking out tasty goods.

Turns out, Durham has more good stuff coming out of the kitchen than anyplace else in the South...and that's saying something!

For those who do not know, Durham, NC was named to Southern Living Magazine's list of The Top Ten Tastiest Towns in the South in January.  It made the grade over places like New Orleans, Charleston, and Miami. Durham earned the top spot being named The Tastiest Town in the South by the magazine at an April 9th press conference. The story appears in the magazine that hits newsstands today, April 19th.

So then how is this information useful to the consumer, the diner, the resident, and the visitor?  Well, it means they should go to Durham because apparently that's where this is where the good food is. But how does one find all that local goodness that issues forth from the kitchens of the South's Tastiest Town? There are three easy ways.

First, there is a list on the official Durham, NC Facebook page that can be followed.  The list is shared on a post on the page that has been set to stay at the top of the feed, so it's easy to find. This list of all the locally owned restaurants in Durham that have pages on the social networking site.  Many use their pages to share special dishes, special events, and special offers, as well as to make announcements.

Second is also in the social media realm.  Twitter users, as well as those on image sharing platform Instagram are encouraged to be using the hashtag #DurhamIsTastiest! when sharing.  Following those tags will be an easy way for users, both residents and visitors alike, to see what others are finding tasty in Durham in real time.

Third is to stay on top of what happens on the dining page on the Official Durham Visitors Website. Set a shortcut to this page on mobile devices, and just remember the convenient sub-domain as a way to go right to this page.  There are links to important resources for diners there including the list of Celebrated Cuisine restaurants that have gotten significant regional or national media attention.

Durham is home to 700 restaurants, many of which are locally-owned.  Learn more about them online, and be sure to share when visiting some by tagging experiences in social media.

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