Thursday, May 9, 2013

Museum of Life + Science to Celebrate Motion/Inertia With WHEELS May 21-26

Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are the usual kinds of events that are celebrated. But in the third week of May, Durham will celebrate inertia.

The Museum of Life and Science is on a roll with WHEELS, a week long celebration of inertia and motion Tuesday-Sunday, May 21-26. Guests will get a hands-on look at the science behind things that roll and spin while climbing aboard a giant excavator or fire truck, constructing a colossal paper roller coaster, checking out the Museum’s Mercury Redstone Rocket engine and more.

“The hands-on activities, demos and displays will have something for everyone!” remarked Nancy Dragotta-Muhl, Coordinator for Community Programs and Educational Resource. “Guests will be able explore several science process skills such as patterns, ratio and proportion, force, simple machines and energy transfer.”

All family friendly activities and vendors are free with admission for the entire week long event. Guests can enjoy a wide range of daily activities including:
  • Exploring the technology behind energy efficient vehicles such as Organic Transport’s Velomobiles and the Nissan LEAF. 
  • Meeting members of the City of Durham Fire Department and getting a close-up look at their equipment
  • Racing slot cars and creating custom race track configurations
  • Working with designer Andrew Gatt to help the Museum build the world’s largest paper roller coaster
A complete schedule of activities can be found hereThe Durham Event Calendar is the best place to discover more about what's going on in Durham.

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