Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walk With Lemurs Now Open at Duke Lemur Center

Here's a little known fact; Durham, NC is home to the largest group of lemurs outside of Madagascar. Now, visitors can take a walk with these precious primates as they leap from branch to branch with a baby on their back, chew on grass or chow down on grapes.

Photo by DCVB
Starting this month tour guests can walk past a locked fence and into the woods where lemurs run free in parts of Duke Forest at the Duke Lemur Center. This experience is only available May 1- October 15 and allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most endangered animals.

The animals at the Duke Lemur Center consist exclusively of prosimian primates. The Lemur Center houses three groups of living prosimians; lemurs of Madagascar, lorises of Asia and galagos (bushbabies) of Africa.

The Walking With Lemurs Tour is a 60-minute guided tour for a maximum of eight people. The cost is $95 per person and is available for ages 10 and up. Cameras are encouraged, as this experience offers views of the animals unlike any other.

The Duke Lemur Center also offers a variety of other tours to meet ranging interests. Tours can be arranged in advance by calling the center at 919-401-7240.

About the Duke Lemur Center
The Duke Lemur Center was established in 1966, and today is home to the world's largest collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar. Located on 85 acres next to Duke University, the center houses about 250 animals representing 15 species of rare and endangered lemurs, along with lorises from India and Southeast Asia and bushbabies from Africa.

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