Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Wednesday at the Durham Farmers' Market

Spring crops are really (finally) starting to come in! Over the past few weeks, more and more strawberries and asparagus have been coming into Market -- there will be even more today! Sugar snap peas have made their spring appearance and the new crops of beets, carrots and a little bit of broccoli have starting returning as well.  The cool, wet weather has also been great for the shiitake mushroom crop and there will be a bunch at Market today. Green garlic is all over the market right now as well. This week, I got some and I noticed that it was just starting to differentiate into cloves, so that means that full heads of fresh garlic will start showing up on the farmers tables very soon. I've also heard rumors that the first new potatoes will be coming to Market this week -- now, I'm not sure if they will be ready for today or if they will show up on Saturday.  I hope that I'm not getting hopes up too high, but we are definitely on the brink of the potato season!

I didn't even mention the greens, there are so many types and varieties of luscious spring greens - spinach, collards, bok choi, swiss chard, lettuce, arugula, and KALE! Today, our guest Chef Anne Everitt will be demonstrating how to make Raw Kale Salad. Her demonstration will start at 4pm. The recipe for her kale salad is below and we'll also have copies for you to pick up today at Market.

In other exciting news, the Durham Farmers' Market was selected to participate in the Discover You Can Learn Make Share program! This is a grant program is offered Jarden Home Brands and the Farmers' Market Coalition. DFM will receive materials for canning in order to teach and promote canning and preserving the summer's bounty! My assistant, Shanna, and I are working on putting together a bunch of canning workshops this summer. I'll have more details about it very soon!

See you at the market!
Erin Kauffman
Market Manager

Available Wednesday! 
Fruits:  Strawberries  
Vegetables:   Asparagus, Asian Greens (Bok Choi, Tat Soi, Mizuna), Arugula, Beet Greens, Beets, Carrots, Culinary Herbs including Cilantro, Thyme, Oregano, and Greek Oregano, Greenhouse Grown Cucumbers, Green Garlic, Green Onions, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Pea Shoots, Radishes, Rutabega, Salad Mix, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Greenhouse Grown Tomatoes, Turnips
Meats: Beef, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon, Pork
Eggs: Chicken, Duck and Guinea Eggs
Flowers:  Tulips
Plants:  Vegetable and Herb Seedlings, House Plants, Landscaping Plants
Specialty Items:  Creamed Honey, Mustards, Flour, Yellow & White Cornmeal, Grits,  Goat and Cow Milk Cheeses, Baked Goods - Breads, Pastries, & Pies, Preserves, Gluten Free Baked Goods, Fermented Items, Nut Butters, Pasta, Tempeh, Herbal Teas, Herbal Salves,
Crafts:  Wood Crafts, Pottery, Goats Milk Soaps

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