Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Breaking News - Pit Master Ed Mitchell Announces Durham Restaurant Opening Fall 2013

Durham continues its meteoric ascension as a food destination of note - and the list of reasons continues to grow.  Named as the Tastiest Town in the South by Southern Living Magazine, Durham is now getting another food luminary to put roots in the ground here.

Ed Mitchell, nationally celebrated as a BBQ pit master expert, and who made the Raleigh restaurant The Pit a national focal point, is opening 'Que in Durham in the Fall of 2013.  Interestingly, The Pit, with which Mitchell is no longer involved, is opening a location in Durham this year, as well.

‘Que will be located on the ground floor of the new Diamond View III building and feature patio seating and other amenities alongside lunch and dinner menus starring Mitchell’s authentic whole-hog, pit-cooked ‘Q. The restaurant will have a nice list of features.

About 150 seats inside with more on a patio
Casual lunches starting at around $10 and slightly more formal dinners starting at around $15
Locally produced hogs and vegetables
A full bar as well as a deep and diverse wine cellar

While Ed Mitchell’s ‘Que’s offerings will make it a standout in the Southeast, Mitchell – who’s been feted on the Food Channel among other media - is just as excited about the location.

“There’s a shared heritage between what I’m doing with BBQ and what’s happening at American Tobacco Campus that makes this unique,” Mitchell said. “North Carolina was built in large part on the Golden Leaf and on BBQ. We’re adding new twists to that heritage. American Tobacco Campus is now a center of 21st century innovation. Ed Mitchell’s ‘Que will feel just as fresh while delivering the best BBQ around.”

Mitchell added that while he has become an international BBQ ambassador to connoisseurs everywhere (recently traveling to Australia), he is eager to establish American Tobacco as a destination for whole hog-lovers from around the state and the world.

Michael Goodmon, vice president of real estate for Capitol Broadcasting Company (which owns ATC), echoed that sentiment: “We’re thrilled that an icon like Ed Mitchell is bringing not only his talent for outstanding BBQ to American Tobacco but a whole lot of new and longstanding fans with him. We always shoot for the best, and with Ed, we’ve got it.”

Local food is a big deal in Durham, so much so that there is a list of locally-owned restaurant that users of Facebook can follow so as not to miss any of the information those restaurants share on the social media platform.  It can be accessed here. Once open, 'Que will be added to the list.  For information about all the dining options in Durham, visit this site.

This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.


  1. How can this be a reputable story on BBQ if they don't even identify his meat and sauce of choice? Is this vinegar-based pork or some other abomination?

  2. I think Ed Mitchell has built up enough of a reputation in the area that it is usually not necessary to fill in the blakns but the article does mention whole hog several times. In NC whole hog is shorthand for vinegar based pork barbecue

  3. It's Ed Mitchell.....how can anyone that knows BBQ not know it will be slamming!

  4. Unknown #1.. you obviously are not schooled in the fine art of Eastern Carolina Hog cooking...or, you'd not make statements like that.. aRe you a North of The Mason Dixon line transplant, perhaps?

  5. I hope Mr. Mitchell keeps a closer eye on what's being served than he did at The Pit. No one cooks better whole-hog barbecue than he does, when he's paying attention, but some of what went on the tables in Raleigh was just awful. Worst brisket I've ever eaten, ribs standing for hours in trays, bizarre "piedmont-style" sauce, even mediocre whole-hog sometimes.

    1. Hello
      Was Mr. Mitchell even still with the Pit when this took place???